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Terms and Conditions for Use

Article 1 – Purpose
The Terms and Conditions below regulate the use of the website and extensions thereof, as well as all services offered thereon by Utet Grandi Opere – based in Turin in Lungo Dora Colletta n. 67 – to users who access it (this also means any parent or guardian of minor users). By using the Website and/or Services, the User expresses his or her consent to these Terms and Conditions. Therefore, should you not agree to all or part of these Terms and Conditions, Utet Grandi Opere invites you not to use the Website and/or Services. Utet Grandi Opere reserves the right to amend, integrate or change these Terms and Conditions at any time. Users are therefore required to consult them periodically to check for any updates.

Article 2 – Website and Services, conditions and limitation of use
2.1 – The Services provided by Utet Grandi Opere via the Website cover publishing content, illustrations and media content falling with its broader project to build on Italy’s cultural heritage, an area in which the Publisher has been engaged for years.

2.2 – Users shall be aware that all expenses related to the equipment and software needed to activate and establish the link to the website and all costs involved in connecting to a network are their own exclusive responsibility.

2.3 – The Website and Services are intended for the exclusive personal use of the User provided such use is without profit and not for direct or indirect commercial purposes and provided that the User does not disclose the contents of the Website and does not alter or modify or cancel the contents thereof, including copyright, trademark indications or other exclusive property indications. Therefore, by way of example, the content of the Website shall not be modified, reproduced, duplicated, copied, distributed, sold or exploited commercially by the User. Moreover, the software used by the Website shall not be copied, modified, decompiled, reverse engineered or disassembled by the User. The Website and its contents and Services shall not be used for illegal purposes and the User undertakes not to infringe any technological measures adopted to protect the Website. The User also undertakes to comply with all intellectual and/or industrial property rights of Utet Grandi Opere as set forth in more detail in Article 4.1 below.

2.4 – The password supplied by the User is confidential and cannot be used by anyone else to access the Services.

2.5 – The User agrees not to register more than one account. Upon registering, the User agrees to: (a) provide true, accurate, current and complete information; (b) maintain and update the details provided for registration, to keep them true, accurate, current and complete.

2.6 – The User is solely responsible for the storage, confidentiality and use of their email and password and, in turn, he/she shall remain solely responsible for any appropriate and/or inappropriate use thereof. The User agrees to immediately notify Utet Grandi Opere by e-mail at , of the theft and/or loss of access data and/or any unauthorised disclosure and/or unauthorised use of the account and/or password by third parties as soon as he/she becomes aware thereof. Once reported, Utet Grandi Opere will proceed to change the password and notify the User who, in turn, will change the password or deactivate the account at his/her sole discretion. Failure to report the above occurrences will result in the User having direct and exclusive responsibility for all use and/or misuse of his/her user name and/or password.

2.7 – The User may request that his/her registration be cancelled at any time by contacting Utet Grandi Opere at the following email address: . Upon receipt of such request, the User’s account will be deactivated and his/her agreement with Utet Grandi Opere will be immediately terminated.

Article 3 – Terms and conditions for the use of the Services
3.1 – Use of certain Services may be subject to User registration according to instructions that will be specified on the Website case by case. The User’s personal data will be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy published on the Website, which Utet Grandi Opere recommends the Users to consult at the time of registering.

Article 4 – Intellectual and/or Industrial Property Rights – Assignment of rights
4.1 – All Website contents – including by way of example but not limited to: logos, images (drawings and/or iconographic material, including photographs), sounds, musical excerpts, software, texts, icons, graphics, databases and software programs used on the Website, source codes, application projects, formulas and algorithms – are the property of Utet Grandi Opere and of its licensees, and are protected by the laws on copyright, trademarks, patents and other intellectual and/or industrial property rights. In particular, the denominative, figurative, deposited, registered and/or de facto trademarks and distinguishing signs of Utet Grandi Opere and/or of Utet Grandi Opere products and Services are the property of Utet Grandi Opere and shall not be used in any way without its prior specific written consent. The User acknowledges that any contents indicated in insertions, banners and advertising buttons or information presented to the User in relation to the Services or through any advertisers are protected by regulations on copyright, trademarks, patents and other intellectual and/or industrial property rights. Any use not authorised previously in writing by Utet Grandi Opere or not complying with the above provisions of these Terms and Conditions – including by way of example but not limited to: reducing, modifying, distributing, transmitting and reproducing the Website’s contents and/or Services – is strictly forbidden, shall be punished according to law, and may result in prosecution before the competent legal courts.

Article 5 – Links
5.1 – It is possible to display links to other Internet sites or to other web resources via the Website and/or by using the Services. By using the aforementioned links, the User is therefore able to leave the Website and access other Internet sites relating to companies of the publishing Group UTET Grandi Opere | FMR and also to third parties (hereinafter “External Sites” having a different domain name). It is possible that the contents and/or Services of External Sites are not controlled by Utet Grandi Opere. Therefore: (i) the information and opinions expressed on External Sites do not necessarily reflect Utet Grandi Opere’s position and may not be attributed to or considered approved by Utet Grandi Opere; (ii) the contents and/or Services of External Sites may not comply with applicable regulations or may be regulated differently in relation to the provisions of this Website and Services; and (iii) if the User uses links to access foreign External Sites not of Italian nationality, the contents and/or Services of such foreign External Sites are regulated according to their applicable international laws. Therefore, Utet Grandi Opere recommends that any User who decides to quit the Website to connect to External Sites should read the legal notices and privacy policy of each External Site he/she accesses.

Article 6 – Exclusion of Guarantees and Limitations of Responsibility
6.1 – Utet Grandi Opere may modify, move or delete parts of – or add parts to – this Website, including all the content, Services and software. Website materials are provided “as-is” and without any type of explicit or implicit guarantee. Utet Grandi Opere does not guarantee or make representations regarding the use or the results of using the contents of this Website and/or of the Services with regard to correctness, accuracy, reliability or otherwise. All materials reproduced on the Website are up to date as on the original date of publication. Availability of a document on the Website does not imply that the information it contains has not been modified or superseded by subsequent events or by a document published subsequently. Utet Grandi Opere has no obligation to update the information or declarations published on the Website. Therefore, such information or representations should not be considered current at the date on which the User accesses the Website. Furthermore, any part of the materials available on the Website may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.

6.2 – The User shall be responsible for regularly reviewing the Terms and Conditions to check for any updates. Nonetheless, Utet Grandi Opere shall have no liability towards the User in relation to changes to the Terms and Conditions for the use of Services.

6.3 – Utet Grandi Opere excludes all guarantees, explicit or implicit, including warranties on the continuity, quality or quantity of services. Utet Grandi Opere assumes no responsibility for any damage, loss of data or information, damages due to delay or loss of opportunities, inaccurate or failed retrieval of information, restrictions or loss of access, or any other difficulties or problems of any kind. Utet Grandi Opere shall in no way be considered responsible for the contents and/or advertisements and/or functioning of External Sites and/or for products or services of any type (including e-commerce) promoted, offered or sold thereby. The User therefore acknowledges that Utet Grandi Opere is in no way responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage incurred by the User in relation to the contents of External Sites or in relation to purchases or use of goods or services through External Sites.

6.4 – Utet Grandi Opere does not guarantee that the Website and/or Services will not be subject to interruptions or that they will be free from errors, that defects will be corrected, or that the Services, Website or server that makes these available are free from viruses or other damaging elements. Any contents and/or material downloaded or otherwise acquired from, or via, the Website and Services is obtained at the sole, exclusive discretion and exclusive risk of the User, who is solely and exclusively responsible for all and any damage to his/her own computer or for any loss of data caused by downloading such contents and/or materials or from having used the Website and/or Services. It is therefore understood that, in the case of errors and/or damaging events, Utet Grandi Opere shall not bear any costs for assistance, repair and correction services. Furthermore, except in the case of negligence or serious default, Utet Grandi Opere shall not be considered responsible in any way for direct or indirect damages deriving from use, failure to use or prevention of use of the Website and/or Services.

Article 7 – Indemnity
The User undertakes to use the Website and Services solely in compliance with these Terms and Conditions, with the law and for legal purposes, with the rules of proper use and diligence and, in any case, without infringing the rights of Utet Grandi Opere or of third parties.

Article 8 – Law and Jurisdiction
These Terms and Conditions are governed by Italian law. Any dispute deriving from or related to these Terms and Conditions or in any way referring to the Website or Services shall be brought solely before the Court of Turin.