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The Bible in culture and art. January 7 in Florence

It took place in Florence the presentation of the book The Bible in culture and art. In the beautiful Paradise room of the Duomo Museum, the Director Timothy Verdon gave a lecture about the relationship between art and religion with particular reference to the artist Lorenzo Ghiberti. Laura Morante read with skill and passion parts of the Bible.

“Symposium” Project

Project exclusively for customers of UTET Grandi Opere – FMR

Symposium is a project that aims to enhance Italy’s cultural and artistic heritage. It is targeted exclusively at the customers of our publishing group and is divided into several resources: the newsletter, a dedicated website, and the “A tu per tu con l’Arte e la Cultura” programme (Face to face with Art and Culture).

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FROM NAPLES TO VIENNA. A journey of great music

The concert-event held on 9 October with Emilio Aversano at the Salone Margherita in Naples was a great success





UTET Grandi Opere per EXPO

Highly successful presentation of the volume EXPO 1851-2015. Storie e immagini delle Grandi Esposizioni at the Milan Triennale.


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