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“Symposium” Project

Project exclusively for customers of UTET Grandi Opere – FMR

Symposium is a project that aims to enhance Italy’s cultural and artistic heritage. It is targeted exclusively at the customers of our publishing group and is divided into several resources: the newsletter, a dedicated website, and the “A tu per tu con l’Arte e la Cultura” programme (Face to face with Art and Culture).

The newsletter was created as a monthly annotated atlas of information on Italy and Europe’s cultural and artistic heritage, with particular focus on the value of the art of high-quality books. It introduces and accompanies the Group’s artistic and cultural activities and aims to bring its audience closer to art, culture and traditions in an intelligent and appealing way by offering stimuli, opportunities to meet, as well as high-quality information and insights.

It seeks to put UTET Grandi Opere – FMR customers into contact with the history, culture, emotion and harmony that make up Italy’s underlying identity. The contents of the newsletter will be gradually gathered together on the website, which will also act as a platform to book one’s self into the exclusive events of the “A tu per tu con l’Arte e la Cultura” programme. Indeed, the Symposium newsletter provides the programme of these events.


As part of the Symposium project, the “A tu per tu con l’Arte e la Cultura” programme gives you the chance to take part in cultural events organised by the publishing house with special “Meetings with Art”.
These are an original and exclusive opportunity: a calendar of events with the most significant places and works of Italy’s artistic heritage, in a story running from north to south across the entire peninsula. Carried out in collaboration with, the “Meetings with Art” provide in-depth monographic insights of individual masterpieces or groups of works that share similar themes.
Unlike traditional guided tours, the “Meetings with Art” are led by art historians and allow the multiple meanings of the works to resurface, moving them away from their often too superficial and hasty use. A painting, a sculpture or a work of art in general, deserves and demands attention, since it is in those forms that our collective identity is held and handed down. The meetings are free of charge and include entry to the museums, galleries or sites. We invite everyone to go with us on the most exciting journey in the world.

Calendar of events february - march 2016

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