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LA BIBBIA nella cultura e nell’arte (The Bible in culture and art)

During the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, UTET Grandi Opere – in keeping with its mission as a publisher that conveys ethical values ​​and releases works that are emblematic of major events in the contemporary world – is now publishing a work of extraordinary and unique value: La Bibbia nella cultura e nell’arte (‘The Bible in culture and art’) in collaboration with the Joseph Ratzinger – Benedict XVI Vatican Foundation.

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Expo1851-2015. Cultura del Cibo

The volume EXPO 1851-2015 and four volumes of Cultura del cibo (Food Culture) make up the corpus of works dedicated to UTET Grandi Opere at the EXPO event. EXPO 1851-2015. Storie e immagini delle Grandi Esposizioni is a book dedicated to the history of the Word Fairs from their inception through to the present day, supervised by Professor Alberto Abruzzese, Communication Sociologist and former professor of the IULM University in Milan. The volume is edited by Professor Luca Massidda, Professor of Urban Sociology at the School of Architecture and Design of Ascoli Piceno, Camerino University.

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UTET Grandi Opere presents the encyclopedic work Odyssey, the second volume, after Divina Commedia, of the Biblia Artis series, dedicated to the classic texts of Western culture seen through the eyes of great artists. Among the classics, the Odyssey is the one that would return to the European literature of the following centuries.

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Letteratura Europea

What sets UTET Grandi Opere’s Letteratura Europea (European Literature) apart is undoubtedly the great respect for its content. Under the supervision of two leading specialists in the history of Italian literature – Professor Piero Boitani and Professor Massimo Fusillo – the work is made up of over 200 essays by 190 great authors. See also

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